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Why is this important? Guelph was recently voted one of Canada’s Best Small Cities. And rightly so! What makes Guelph a wonderful place to live in is not only its natural beauty and cultural heritage, but also the wonderful people that make up our diverse and growing community. 

Now more than ever we need to ensure that the people of Guelph are able to afford living in the Royal City. 

How can this be done? I believe that fiscal responsibility and financial accountability are key elements in maintaining a healthy and affordable community. Finding practical solutions to housing, increasing employment opportunities and expanding supports for local businesses should be a priority. 

Why me? As a small business owner and Ward 2 resident, I understand the need for a balanced approach and responsible decision making on council.

If I am elected: I will advocate for and support sustainable, affordable budgets, so that Guelph residents, households and local businesses can thrive. 

I will be your voice for an affordable community.


Why is this important? Access to information and clear communication is critical for open and transparent governance. This is no different at the municipal level.

Council exists to serve the people of Guelph, and the best interests of Guelph residents should be the driving force for decision making. Current and future projects already decided upon need continued accountability and oversight so that Guelph citizens can have confidence in how their tax dollars are being spent.

How can this be done?  To improve transparency and trust in local government, constituents need to know what Guelph City Council is doing on a regular and consistent basis. A more proactive approach to building two-way communication between citizens and their elected representatives is necessary. 

Why me? As someone who lives and works in the world of communications, I understand that clear communication and active listening are integral aspects to build trust and confidence in our leadership. 

If I am elected: I will always advocate for accessibility to information, as well as support ways that make dialogue between council and constituents a more streamlined process.

I will be your voice for a transparent and accountable City Council.

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Young girl rides her bike wearing a helmet and pads on her arms and knees

Why is this important? All of us want to feel safe in our environments so that we can go about our daily lives in a stress free manner. Investing in a safer city provides better opportunities for the community to grow and thrive. 

How can this be done? By ensuring better local infrastructure and upgrading road-safety measures for Ward 2 residents, and beyond.

Further facilitating crime prevention and reduction by balancing enforcement with mental health services and supports. 

Why me? As a long time Guelph resident that lives and works in Ward 2, I know how safety is integral to our community’s well being. As someone who also has a close knit multicultural extended family with children, I understand the importance of safety from many different perspectives.

If I am elected: I will advocate for continued accountability and measured results when it comes to community safety initiatives. From road safety and snow removal to supporting crime reduction programs. 

I will be your voice for a safer community.


Guelph deserves leaders that can balance the interests and priorities of Ward 2 and Guelph residents first in their decision making.

As your representative, I will balance these priorities by advocating for better accessibility to city services, updating and upkeep of infrastructure, and the continued beautification of the city through parks and green spaces. I will advocate for a healthy community by investing in programs that enrich the community and bring people a sense of belonging.

As your representative, I will support decisions that are sustainable for the long term: building an affordable and safe city today, while also wisely planning for a vibrant community tomorrow.

As your representative, I will champion a balanced approach:  finding smart ways to bring more revenue into the city without burdening further Guelph tax payers, while also being diligent in prioritizing the right things at the right time. 

As your representative, I will be your voice for an affordable thriving community and an accountable local government.

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